CMIST Movies

  • The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Catalysis

  • The Effect of pH on Enzyme Catalysis

  • Enzyme Kinetics

  • Birth of a Protein

  • An Introduction to Enzymes

  • 24 Active Zones

  • 3D Reconstruction of Nerve-Muscle Synapse

  • Big Numbers in Small Spaces

  • Lotka-Volterra Reaction

  • Neuromuscular Transmission and Slow Channel Congental Myasthenic Syndrome

  • Neuromuscular Junction 1

  • Single Channel

  • Osmosis and its Effects on Red Blood Cell Volume

  • Osmosis: Osmotic vs. Hydrostatic Pressure

  • Diffusion Time and Distance: Cellular vs. Desktop Diffusion

  • Diffusion Time and Distance: Glucose Molecules vs. Sodium Ions

  • Principles of Diffusion and Molecular Flux

    Principles of Diffusion and Molecular Flux

  • Brownian Motion in Water

    Brownian Motion in Water